Media Coverage

November 2022. Annual Local Government Association Independent Group Conference

On Friday 28th October, at the end of an important week for Westminster politics, I attended the Annual Local Government Association Independent Group Conference. As it was my first time attending, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here is my report. Issues such as the forthcoming budget and voter-ID came up. Tightening up was how many foresaw the coming months.

Read my full report here.

April 2022.  Time for Recovery: Get Involved in Local Elections.

This article encouraged people to get involved in the May 2022 local elections by supporting candidates whether they be from the Westminster parties, independents, local or other party candidates. 

Get Involved in Local Elections

March 2021.  Principia Scientific: An Apolitical Solution To Political Turmoil?

This article covers the formation of The Democratic Network prior to standing candidates in the May 2021 local elections.  The Democratic Network is no longer registered as a political party.  Our focus is on supporting candidates and providing research.

An Apolitical Solution To Political Turmoil?

December 2020.  Manifesto Club: The Shameful Policing of London Protests.

Based on first hand witnesses and testimony, this article covers the exceptional policing of protests during the second half of 2020.  Through his involvement in a parliamentary liaison group Nigel Jacklin was able to get the right to protest raised in the House of Commons by MP Steve Baker. 

Nigel’s personal experiences of police over-reach and unfair treatment was one of the reasons why we set The Democratic Network up.  Our research has shown significant concerns with police effectiveness, fair treatment and the role of PCCs (Police and Crime Commissioners).  We plan to expand work in this area prior to the 2024 PCC elections.

The Shameful Policing of London Protests