Appendix 1: Network Survey 2021 Selected Results (South East): As presented at local meetings.

What Issues Are Important to You Locally?

Already this household has rejected the increase in council tax to fund the police. The economic development has been to the benefit of companies rather than investing locally; everything else mentioned has fallen by the roadside in preference to keeping people “safe”. What education? Access to stable internet or even hardware in low-income homes.

Congestion charges in London. Road closures in London.

Economic development, planning, infrastructure.

Elderly care and youth mental health.

Ensuring councils don’t fritter away money on ‘climate emergency planning’ and suing each other.

Everything that provides for a thriving, vibrant and successful local community.

Given being on the coast facing France, start with immigration.  Local issues include but not limited to, the peoples’ local services come first not bureaucracy.

I am in favour of small government, the whole system is corrupt.

I do not recognise our police force anymore. I no longer see them us a protective force. I see them as government police and fine issuers. I would like to see a police force that protects and serves.  We need a force that will be available for actual crime, a police force that we can trust to look out for the good of the people.

It is extremely ripe territory for a protest vote because nobody cares about these elections, or who their councillors are.

Lack of affordable housing. State of roads. Schools. Transport.

Local Councils are responsible for the enforcement of certain policies and directives. Councils can choose whether to enforce these directives and can also decide to what degree they do so. In effect, they could nullify or amplify such directives.

Mostly the state of the roads which around here is SHOCKING and very little is ever done.  The local council seem more interested in money than overdevelopment as far as infrastructure is concerned.   There is insufficient water, schools, doctors etc.

Over development of towns and villages with planning riding roughshod over local opinions.  Education is also extremely important as our children will be way behind the rest of the world.

Pedestrianisation of our town. The questionable handling of the Brightwells development which was unfit for purpose even before a brick was laid.


Planning and development of green belt.

Planning and new housing developments.  Roads, schooling, general maintenance services.

Planning and support for the arts.

Planning issues, especially housing.

Planning, infrastructure, education.

Protecting the high street.

Several, but as nobody in “authority” takes notice of individual concerns, why bother voting?

Shops, bars and restaurants – all the things that make my home town a fun place to live, plus the impact on the tourist trade which supports the local economy are also highly disproportionate.

State of the roads pavement and potholes.

The maintenance of our local health facilities.

The state of the roads pot holes and pavements.

Traffic noise locally, parking issues, noise generally.

Waste collection.