The Democratic Network
2021 article, written by Nigel Jacklin, covers the formation of the party and the need for “practical information in an easily understandable format.” interview (recorded Monday 15th March) with Brighton’s Latest TV covers policing and the formation of The Democratic Network. this wide ranging December interview Krishnan Guru-Murthy asks David Dimbleby how he rates the current political generation.  He replies:
“…low…very low…very very low…the lowest.”
Starts at 8’ 40”.
This helped convinced us…we need to do something! on work with local students and the Financial Times Nigel Jacklin created this guide to the World of Work.  Useful if you want to help young people understand the types of jobs they can get.
2020 article concerns developments in policing of London protests between July and November 2020. on an unpublished August submission to the Royal Statistical Society this article concluded:
“The majority of people in all ethnicities were at low risk and
BAME people are not at greater risk because of their ethnicity.” This ‘plain language’ summary was based on an analysis of 17 million health records by Williamson, E.J. et al, 2020 published in the journal Nature.