Elect Nigel: Bexhill St Marks

This is an information page relating to Nigel Jacklins campaign to be elected as an Independent Network candidate in the ward of St Marks, Bexhill in the May 2023 local elections.  It also contains information related to the No To Northeye campaign.  It was last updated Tuesday 17th April 2023.

On Thursday 30th March Nigel learnt that the Home Office had announced that a local military training base (Northeye) would be use to house 1,200 asylum seekers whilst their applications were being processed.  On the Friday a local contact informed him there would be a public gathering next to the site, around a mile from where he lived.  Nigel attended with his wife and asked if the local residents would like him to stand in the forthcoming local elections.  The response was unanimous and his nomination papers were completed on the spot by Northeye residents.

This video, recorded on April 1st, provides a short background and announced Nigel’s intention to stand.

Nigel Jacklin announces candidacy


April 19th statement by the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce and Tourism regarding the use of the Northeye former prison site in Little Common as a residential centre for an all male cohort of Asylum seekers as proposed by the Government.  Nigel is a member of the Chamber: https://www.thedemocraticnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/FINAL-STATEMENT-ON-NORTHEYE-ASYLUM-CENTRE-pdf.pdf

The Home Office Fact Sheet about the Centre: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/asylum-accommodation-factsheets/factsheet-bexhill-asylum-accommodation-accessible?fbclid=IwAR0NTdgsKnkg36Cw6ullZwbD18y53RZBGgBUViBCnLQ_pO68l6OSIrDD9xI

Notes provided by the MP on Friday April 14th: https://www.huwmerriman.org.uk/news/northeye-update-summary-further-information-and-next-steps


Nigel’s election leaflet can be downloaded here:

Nigel’s flyer and poster can be downloaded here: https://www.thedemocraticnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Vote-Jacklin-A4-1-v2-April-17th.pdf

A No To Northeye poster can be downloaded here: https://www.thedemocraticnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/NoToNortheyePoster.pdf


Nigel’s first campaign diary written Saturday April 15th.  This contains helpful background information: https://www.thedemocraticnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Election-Diary-15th-April-2023.pdf

This was first published on linked in and twitter (@TheGoodStatsMan).


Local videographer Absolutely Average has covered much of this live.  The following videos show:

GB News live to air on Saturday 1st April…with the A4 sheets we printed:

GB News live to air on Saturday 1st April

Nigel Jacklin’s nomination speech (also 1st April)…quality not great (watch from 12.41):

Nigel Jacklin’s nomination speech (also 1st April)

Coverage of the second public gathering in Bexhill Town Square featuring various local residents and Nigel:

Coverage of the second public gathering in Bexhill Town Square

In this interview with GB News Sheila Jacklin, co-founder of The Democratic Network, responds to allegations of racism and provides an interesting suggestions as to where asylum seekers can be accommodated.

GB News Bexhill Coverage

On Wednesday April 26th Bexhill Town Council convened a meeting to enable residents to express their concerns and put questions to be sent to the Home Office.  Around 350 people attended.  Nigel asked the audience to stand if they opposed the migrant camp; virtually the whole room did so.  This video, taken by Steve, has proved very popular.

Bexhill Stands Up

The full meeting was livestreamed by Absolutely Average under local democracy reporting rules.

Absolutely Average No To Northeye Meeting